- 19/04/2018 DISTRO UPDATES -

BLACK WITCHERY (usa) Logo (Darkness Attack) PIN
MARDUK (swe.) Iron Dawn (Blooddawn) CD
MARDUK (swe.) Blackcrowned (Regain) DVD
MARDUK (swe.) Blood Puke Salvation (Blooddawn) DVD
MARDUK (swe.) Death March 2004-2005 (Blooddawn) CD
OFERMOD (swe.) Sol Nox (Shadow Rex.) CD
POLYPTYCH (usa) Defying the Metastasis (Blood Harvest) CD
PUISSANCE (swe.) State Collapse (Regain) CD
SERPENTRANCE (rus.) The Besieged Sanctum (Blood Harvest) CD
SUFFERING HOUR (usa) In Passing Ascension (Blood Harvest) CD
TEHOM (swe.) The Merciless Light (Blood Harvest) CD
V/A MALUM (fin.) / INSANE VESPER (fra.) Luciferian Dimensions (Helter Skelter Prod.) CD
WULKANAZ (swe.) Paralys (Helter Skelter Prod.) CD

- 13/03/2018 DISTRO UPDATES -

BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Urtida Krafterna (Purity Through Fire) EP
DAUDADAGR (swe.) Vid Skuggornas Svarta Mansken (Purity Through Fire) EP
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Jak Zabija Diabeł (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Manifestations 2000-2001 (End All Life) CD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Fas – Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum (NoEvDia) CD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Diabolus Absconditus (NoEvDia) CD
GNIPAHALAN (swe.) Gnipahalan (Purity Through Fire) CD
GNIPAHALAN (swe.) I Blodets Kamp (Purity Through Fire) EP
HERETIC (hol.) Devilworshipper (New Era Prod.) CD
INFINITY (hol.) Hybris (New Era Prod.) CD
MYSTIK (swe.) Skalder Fran Urskogens Dunkla Mystik (Purity Through Fire) CD
OCCULT (hol.) 1992-1993 (New Era Prod.) CD
SAURON (hol.) For A Dead Race (Neurotic) CD
SAURON (hol.) The Channeling Void (Carnal) CD
SUMMUM (swe.) Orchestra Mali, Et Devotionem (Purity Through Fire) EP
VOIDS OF VOMIT (ita.) Veritas Vltima Vitae (Bird Of Ill Omen) CD

- 26/01/2018 DISTRO UPDATES -

BLACK CILICE (por.) Banished From Time (Iron Bonehead) MC
FUNERAL HARVEST (nor.) Bunker Ritual (Iron Bonehead) MC
JORDABLOD (swe.) Promo 2016 (Iron Bonehead) MC
KATAKOMB (swe.) Chained To A Wolf (Demo) (Iron Bonehead) MC
SOLAR MASS (nwz) Pseudomorphosis (Iron Bonehead) MC
TETRAGRAMMACIDE (ind.) Primal Incinerators Of Moral Matrix (Iron Bonehead) MC
VASSAFOR (nwz) Malediction (Iron Bonehead) MC

- 07/01/2018 -

PSEUDOGOD "Sepulchral Chants" MC is OVT NOW!
The compilation of all material from demos, splits, MLP's and rehearsal chants.
Pro-printed tape with 6-panel j-card. Die-hard version comes with embroidered patch and slipcase.

- 07/01/2018 DISTRO UPDATES -

COMMUNION (chi.) At The Announcement (The Sinister Flame) CD
COMMUNION (chi.) The Communion (Hell's Headbangers) CD
PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Sepulchral Chants (Living Temple Records) MC
THEURGIA (chi.) Genomasis (Vestigia Flamae) CD
RECITATIONS (nor.) The First Of The Listeners (Ekhidna Records) MC
THE SINISTER FLAME IV (fin.) Hammer Of Black Illumination ZINE
TYMAH (hun.) Zuhanas (The Sinister Flame) CD

- 21/12/2017 -

Listen full demo here:

- 25/11/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

GENOCIDE SHRINES (sri lanka) Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures Of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder (Vault Of Dried Bones) 12"LP
INQUISITION (usa) Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (Season Of Mist) CD
JYOTISAVEDANGA (ind. / rus.) Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) CD
TETRAGRAMMACIDE (ind.) Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ (Iron Bonehead) 12"MLP
TROLLDOM (swe.) Av Gudablod Rod (Arcane Angels) CD
URKAOS (swe.) Rehearsal XI (Arcane Angels) CD
URKAOS (swe.) II (Arcane Angels) CD

- 11/11/2017 -

The debut demo of Swedish band HEXAGON to be released on tape at 21th of December 2017.
A piece of primitive Death Metal in pure form. Listen opening track "Hoc Est Corpus Meum"...

- 11/11/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

ARROGANCE (usa) Carpet Bomb Reality (Hooded In Oil) TAPE
DISIPLIN (nor.) Hostis Humani Generis (Frenteuropa) CD
DISIPLIN (nor.) Molti Nemici - Molto Onore! (Frenteuropa) CD
DRAUGSOL (ice.) Volada Land (Signal Rex) CD
ERODED (ita.) Test The Grace Infliction (Beyond The Threshold) TAPE
INVEHERTEX (chi.) Hacia El Vortice (Signal Rex / Atavism Rec.) CD
MISTHYRMING (ice.) Logo Patch (Signal Rex) PATCH
NORNAHETTA (ice.) The Psilocybin Tapes (Signal Rex) CD
NYIÞ (ice.) Sigil Patch (Signal Rex) PATCH
NYIÞ (ice.) Logo Patch (Signal Rex) PATCH
OCERCO (por.) A Desolacao (Signal Rex) CD
SIASKEL (chi.) Haruwen Airen (Signal Rex) CD
VAEE SOLIS (por.) Adversarial Light (Signal Rex / Mordgrimm) CD

- 26/10/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

BALWEZO WESTIJIS (swe.) Urkraftens Mystik (Arcane Angels) CD
BALWEZO WESTIJIS (swe.) Spirituell Dodsdyrkan (Arcane Angels) CD
MYSTIK (swe.) Dunkla Klangor... (Kapitel I) (Arcane Angels) CD
MYSTIK (swe.) Af Herrens Mystik... (Kapitel II) (Arcane Angels) CD
NAHTRUNAR (aut.) Existenz (Arcane Angels) CD
NAHTRUNAR (aut.) Existenz (Arcane Angels) 12"LP
SUMMUM (swe.) Benedictus…(Arcane Angels) CD
URKAOS (swe.) II (Arcane Angels) CD

- 11/10/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

13TH MOON (spa.) Skull Insignia (Triangulum Ignis) PATCH
ANDHORD (spa.) Revelation (Triangulum Ignis) 12"LP
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Krete Drogi (Triangulum Ignis) TAPE
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Jak Zabija Diabel (Triangulum Ignis) TAPE
GZEKHRATUS (spa.) Masters Of Universal Mysteries (Triangulum Ignis) 12"LP
GZEKHRATUS (spa.) Masters Of Universal Mysteries (Triangulum Ignis) CD
V/A 13TH MOON (spa.) / RITUAL DEATH (nor.) Mors Triumphans (Triangulum Ignis) 7"EP

- 31/08/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

CULTES DES GHOULES (pol.) Coven (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
DO SKONU (ukr.) Великое Пробуждение Среди Великого Сна (Hexencave Prod.) TAPE
GENOCIDE SHRINES (sri lanka) Sigil Patch (Cyclopean Eye) PATCH
GOATCRAFT (slo.) όλεθρος (Hexencave Prod.) CD
HENOSIS (chi.) Unleash the Ophidian Essence From The Reverse Of Creation (Hexencave Prod.) TAPE
KROLOK (slo.) Flying Above Ancient Ruins (Hexencave Prod.) CD
MALOKARPATAN (slo.) Stridzie Dni (Hexencave Prod.) CD
MARTWA AURA (pol.) Tenebrae Divine (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
SHADOWS GROUND (ukr.) Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons (Hexencave Prod.) CD
SZRON (pol.) The Purifying Flame of Annihilation (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
SZRON (pol.) Pure Slavonic Blasphemy / Cult Of Death (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
V/A SZRON (pol.) / MARTWA AURA (pol.) Temples Of Genocide Worship (Under The Sign Of Garazel) CD
VENEROR (ita.) Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte (Hexencave Prod.) CD

- 22/08/2017 DISTRO UPDATES -

ABOMINOR (ice.) Opus Decay (Invictus) CD
AKHKHARU (usa) Celebratum (Full Moon Prod.) CD
ANTEDILUVIAN (can.) Through The Cervix Of Hawwah (Invictus) CD
BLACK WITCHERY (usa) Evil Shall Prevail (Nuclear War Now!) CD
DEATH WORSHIP (can.) Extermination Mass (Nuclear War Now!) CD
DEMONCY (usa) Faustian Dawn (Nuclear War Now!) CD
DEMONCY (usa) Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost (Nuclear War Now!) CD
DER STURMER (gre.) Exalted In War (Darkness Attack) TAPE
EMBRACE OF THORNS (gre.) Darkness Impenetrable (Nuclear War Now!) CD
GNOSIS (usa) The Third Eye Gate (Nuclear War Now!) CD
GOATLORD (usa) Sodomize The Goat (Nuclear War Now!) CD
ILL OMEN (aus.) Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence (Nuclear War Now!) CD
ILL OMEN (aus.) AE.Thy. Rift. (Nuclear War Now!) CD
ILL OMEN (aus.) Compendium Melificarum - Esoterica (Nuclear War Now!) CD
INSULTER (bra.) Blood Spits, Violences And Insults (Nuclear War Now!) CD
JYOTISAVEDANGA (ind.) Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) CD
LUNAR MANTRA (uk) Genesis (Invictus) CD
MALTHUSIAN (ire.) MMXIII (Invictus) CD
NECROSIC (usa) Putrid Decimation (Nuclear War Now!) CD
NEGATIVE PLANE (usa) Stained Glass Revelations (Invictus) CD
ORACULUM (chi.) Sorcery Of The Damned (Invictus) CD
POSSESSION (bel.) Exorkizein (Invictus) CD
QRIXKUOR (uk) Three Devils Dance (Invictus) CD
QRIXKUOR (uk) Incantations From The Abyss (Invictus) CD
SET (usa) Upheaval Of Unholy Darkness (Nuclear War Now!) CD
TRIBULATION (swe.) The Formulas Of Death (Invictus) CD
UNHOLY CRUCIFIX (usa) Ordo Servorum Satanae (Nuclear War Now!) CD
V/A BLACK WITCHERY (usa) / REVENGE (can.) Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom (Nuclear War Now!) CD
V/A DEMONOMANCY (ita.) / WITCHRAFT (fin.) Archaic Remnants Of The Numinous / At The Diabolus Hour (Nuclear War Now!) CD

- 01/06/2017 -